Rachel Reiss

Outside of her day job as a corporate consultant, Rachel Reiss is an avid writer, passionate about people, places, and telling their stories … often through the lens of food. A Florida native, she currently resides in Coastal Virginia and enjoys exploring the area’s rich history, culture, and cuisine. Outside the region’s characteristically Mid-Atlantic foodscape, she and her husband enjoy connecting to their diverse Italian / Dominican /Jewish heritage through traditional family recipes. However, they won’t pass up an opportunity to experiment in the kitchen and are quick to embrace new techniques, ingredients, and flavors. When she’s not wandering the aisles of Wegman’s, you can find Rachel at the beach with a book, or on the move — hiking, biking, or chasing after her little white dog.
I Tried Stanley Tucci’s Recipe for Zucchini Pasta and My Only Regret Is Not Trying It Sooner
Really, there is no better way to use up zucchini than this.
Aug 30, 2023