Kelly Glass


Kelly Glass is an independent journalist whose interests focus on the intersections of health, parenting, and policy. A big-city girl at heart, she currently lives in an Illinois college town with her three boys—a preschooler, a teenager, and a mini schnauzer mix. Follow her on Twitter @kellygwriter.
How Parents Are Making Halloween Special in a Strange Year
My mom was always the mom who made the most out of a tough situation: She did a lot with a little. My sisters and I were the kids who looked forward to Halloween but couldn’t afford new costumes. So for four consecutive years, I wore the same white dress, which my mother kept reinventing as a new costume. I was an angel, Cleopatra, a ghost, and a bride (a very ’90s thing to do). We were the family who drove out to the more affluent neighborhoods to trick-or-treat.
Oct 21, 2020