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Jessica Fisher loves French food, creamy coffee, and great meals that don't cost a fortune. Mom of six children, she's written four cookbooks and five million to-do lists. Find her latest projects at Good Cheap Eats.
5 Things I Always Do to Make Family Dinners Fun for Everyone — Even Teenagers!
Have a few thoughtful questions prepped in advance!
Nov 5, 2021
The Best Thing I’ve Learned About Budgeting for Costco
The last year of lockdowns (and beyond-the-norm grocery shopping that’s come with them) has taught me a few things about my shopping habits and my family’s food preferences. After discovering the supreme value of a second refrigerator and my kids’ deep abiding love of ramen, I’ve also come to terms with my love-hate relationship with Costco.Once an “event” to distract the kids on a rainy day, it’s now become a necessary, grin-and-bear-it activity.
Jul 31, 2021
I’m a Mom of 6 and This One Little Grocery Swap Saved Me $500 in a Single Month
I didn’t grow up shopping at Aldi, the wildly popular grocery store that is known for great deals and fun products. In fact, it’s only in the last five years that the budget grocer has opened locations in Southern California where I live. While I used to shop a lot at Costco, I eventually started making the switch over to Aldi in 2016. It took me a few trips to get my bearings and learn the Aldi ways (yes, you’ll get your quarter back), but I’m a firm believer in it now.
Jul 29, 2021
Here’s How to Eat Well on Vacation Without Breaking the Bank
Hitting the road with kids in tow? You are in for an adventure! After 20 years of motherhood, I know that vacationing with children is not without its challenges, but I’m equally convinced that it’s worth the effort. We’ve found that getting outside our comfort zone provides us with huge bonding moments.
Jul 9, 2021
6 Lessons a Mom of 6 Can Teach You About Saving Money on Food and Groceries
I’m a mom of six kids, ranging in age from 10 to 21. My college sons live at home, so that means I’m cooking for a small army every night — and shopping for enough groceries to accomplish that. Being a mom doesn’t necessarily mean you know everything, and being a mom of six doesn’t mean that I have cosmic levels of knowledge (or patience, for that matter). Rather, parenting a large family has given me plenty of opportunities to grow and learn.
Jan 19, 2021