Catherine Hong

Catherine Hong is a New York-based freelance writer focusing on design, food and children's books. She regularly contributes to The New York Times Book Review, Architectural Digest, Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, Parents and Elle Decor. She also co-hosts a podcast, K-Pod, about Korean Americans in arts and culture. A veteran of the magazine industry, Catherine previously worked as an editor at W, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, Us Weekly and InStyle. You can find her on Instagram @catherinehong100 and @mrslittlebooks.
25 Kids’ Books That Are Pure Joy (We Want to Buy Them All!)
Books are one of our most beloved holiday gifts to give in any year, but in 2020, we’re strategically shopping for books that will crack a smile. Because isn’t giving our masked-up, perpetually hand-washing kids the gift of joyful books the least we can do? Cubby asked booksellers, librarians, teachers, authors, and parents across the country for their top recommendations of books that grab emotions, spark smiles, and leave kids with their hearts feeling full.
Dec 9, 2020