Anne Wolfe Postic

Anne Postic writes about cooking for her family on The Kitchn. She lives in Columbia, South Carolina with her husband and three very handsome sons. She loves talking cooking, travel, parenting and art, though not necessarily in that order.
How I Used an Artichoke to Teach My Children About Mindful Eating
How one humble vegetable reveals so many lessons...
Sep 27, 2021
Why I Make My Children’s Favorite Meal When They Are Being Awful
The other day, I got phone calls from two out of three of my children’s schools. I’ve already violated their privacy enough, so I won’t divulge the content of those phone calls, other than to say no one had broken the law, but no one had won a prize, either. I was annoyed. More than annoyed, mad. Those phone calls made it hard for me to get back to work. Why, then, did I text them to ask what they wanted for supper? And why did I make exactly what they wanted?
Jul 31, 2021
7 Things My Toddlers Would (Almost) Always Eat
Toddlers are funny. They think they know everything, including what they like and don’t like to eat. But they can be fooled, at least some of the time. Take soup. My little ones liked soup — just not always with a spoon. So I called it “dip,” passed them a bowl of carrot sticks and declared it a meal! Here are seven things my toddlers would (almost) always eat.Carrots: They’re sweet and easy to handle.
Jun 4, 2021