The $15 Amazon Must-Have My Kids Won’t Go Anywhere Without

published Jun 12, 2021
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toddler with fan in stroller
Credit: Thao Thai

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Let me paint you a pre-pandemic picture: our family of three is walking through Disney World amidst the swell of a late-summer heat wave. We wait in line for hours to see the gliding princesses and slinking villains, all clad in their (sweaty-looking) costumes. We guzzle water like it’s a side hustle, and duck into any air-conditioned space we stumble across, just for a momentary blast of that sweet, cool air. 

Meanwhile, my toddler is as happy as a clam lounging in Ariel’s grotto. You see, unlike her parents, she’s equipped with her favorite portable fan, gifted to her by her grandmother, goddess of all practical gifts and spoiler of children extraordinaire. My daughter points the mini fan into her face, grinning wildly at the breeze that’s able to give her much-needed relief from the humid Florida temps. Are we jealous? Just a little. Do we try to coax her to share her fan? On repeat. 

Fast forward to present-day, summer of 2021, where we are (sadly) no longer surrounded by castles and Mickey Mouse balloons, but still sweating in the midst of another long, hot summer. The Little Fan That Could still reigns supreme in our home. Our daughter, now nearly 5-years-old, takes her fan everywhere: on vacations, to the pool, in the car while running errands, in the backyard while we read under the shade. 

This magic fan has a rechargeable USB cable and a separate battery compartment, making it incredibly handy for longer trips. It also folds up, which makes it easy to slip into a pool bag or backseat compartment. You can rest it on a table, clip it to a stroller, or let your little one wave it around in their hands. And? The fan comes in five colors, so if you have multiple kids, they’ll be easy to tell apart. The three speeds let them control just how much breeze they need. 

Thankfully, we now have two of these, so I can keep myself cool during our walks and errands too. (My favorite kid products are always the ones that adults can use as well!) Let that sun shine away – we are more than prepared with our own handheld breeze.

Buy it here: Handheld Rechargeable Fan, $15 from Amazon