I’m a Cleaning Expert and This Is the $10 Find Everyone in My Family Uses

published Dec 4, 2021
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Want to know a secret? My trustiest kitchen cleaning tools comes from … the bathroom. I use old toothbrushes for all kinds of jobs around the kitchen. I use them to freshen up my grout lines, scrub away dried-up spills in the fridge, and even to clean where the faucet meets the countertop. Convenient as my DIY solution is, my soft-bristled toothbrush isn’t really made to clean tough messes. Sure, I could go out and buy toothbrushes with different types of bristles, just to make cleaning easier — but I have no need to now that this adorable-yet-functional brush set is in my life.

Credit: Ashley Abramson
This cute, five-piece, brush set is a must-have for cleaning!

In my opinion (and I am a cleaning expert, for what it’s worth), I think everyone should have this five-piece set, which comes with small brushes including a grout brush, dust pan and brush, and a scraper tool. Why? A few reasons! For starters, because the pieces don’t take up much room in your cleaning cabinet. (So why not?) But mostly because the set comes with all the versatile tools you could possibly need for the little detail work that makes a big difference.

Credit: Ashley Abramson

From the get-go, the mini broom was my favorite of the set. My kids eat toast and other crumby snacks at the table, and typically, someone (I won’t say who) wipes them onto the floor, so I need to vacuum way more often than I want! This mini brush-and-dustpan combo makes it super quick and easy to take care of crumb-prone surfaces, without needing to drag out the vacuum. It’s also cute and I find that members of my family actually want to use it.

Credit: Ashley Abramson

The brush with the semi-circle handle is great for cleaning grout. I use it to freshen up my white tile backsplash, which has matching white grout that unfortunately shows any trace of dirt on full display. This brush also stores a surprise double-ended bonus brush inside the handle for more precise jobs. I use that one to dig out crumbs and wipe away grease behind the knobs on my stovetop!

The brush that looks like it has a little goose head is great for quick sweeping jobs like brushing crumbs out of the microwave or debris off a fridge shelf! The goose-looking part? It’s a scraper tool! I use it to chip away at dried sauce in the corner of my microwave!

Credit: Ashley Abramson

Finally, the detail brush is great for scrubbing caked-on messes. I use mine with a bit of all-purpose cleaner spray on the fridge, where splatters and drips often make a mess. And there’s a little scraper on the end, too, for lifting tough-to-remove gunk!

I’ll still keep my old toothbrushes around, but for now I’ll use them primarily in the laundry room. It’s safe to say I’m in full agreement with other Amazon reviewers: This nifty little brush kit gets 5/5 stars from me!

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