8 Baby Essentials That Won’t Cramp Your Grown-Up Decorating Style

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Credit: Emma Fiala

Whether you’re on your last child or expecting your first baby, I don’t have to tell you how quickly things can accumulate. As I gear up for my first, my zen bedroom is getting more and more cluttered by the minute, my kitchen counters are already littered with childproof dinnerware, and my living room is slowly morphing into a play area.

While I’m aware that raising a child doesn’t exactly suit a minimalist lifestyle, I’m not ready to sacrifice our current grown-up style or subdued but warm color palette either. Luckily, with some careful curating, I don’t have to. These seven baby essentials will keep your little one happy without cramping your adult style.

Credit: Fresco

The Fresco Chair

Bloom’s pod-shaped high chair converts to three different reclining positions, from a newborn cradle to a toddler feeding chair… and finally, to a dining-table friendly seat suitable for eight-year-olds. That’s why it’s worth the hefty price tag, if you can swing it. Its adjustable height and hidden wheels make it easy to transport your little one from the dining table to the kitchen counter so they’re always nearby. Not only does the shape lend itself to even the most modern of home decor schemes, but it’s also available in a variety of customizable color combinations, including chrome, gunmetal, and rose gold finishes.

Buy: The Fresco Chair, Starting at $599 from Bloom

Credit: House of Noa

Roam Free Play Mat

I’ve never been a fan of the foam multicolored interlocking play mat, but now I realize how important it is to have an added layer of cushion for safety. The good news is The House of Noa is committed to keeping your child (and your precious floors) safe without making your space look like a preschool. Their chic play mats mimic the look of real Turkish rugs to give you the style you crave while also providing a safe, durable, and easy-to-clean environment. Interlocking tiles make setup and removal a breeze.

Buy: Roam Free Play Mat, $99.00 from The House of Noa

Credit: Mockingbird

Single-to-Double Stroller

I never paid much attention to baby strollers until it came time to shop for one. Although I was in the market for something sleek and black, I wanted a stroller that boasted stylish touches and some extra oomph, because let’s face it: This thing is going to be out in my home 24/7 when we’re not using it. This one by Mockingbird is just what I was looking for: It’s sleek without the cutesy colors and incorporates elements like brown leather handles that feel nice to the touch and look expensive. If functionality is at the top of your list, this stroller converts from a bassinet carriage to a front- and back-facing stroller, a car-seat carrier, and even accommodates a second seat for twins or multiples. Again, the price is a little steep, but you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Buy: Single-to-Double Stroller, $395.00 from Mockingbird

Lalo x Canopy Humidifier Set

Air purifiers and humidifiers are by far the most overlooked nursery staples, and they just might be the things that matter the most. A humidifier adds moisture to the air, loosening mucus buildup and helping your baby sleep better. It also helps soothe dry, irritated skin that babies often suffer from, while air purifiers help prevent short- and long-term health conditions. However, seeing as I’m working with limited space, it didn’t make sense for me to invest in a bunch of different gadgets that take up valuable real estate. Lalo x Canopy’s version includes aromatherapy to naturally soothe your baby.

Buy: Lalo x Canopy Humidifier Set, $150 from Lalo

Credit: Target

Pillowfort Coiled Rope Bin

All those toys need a home, and this colorful bin sure is a sweet one. It’s bright, but not so bold or busy that it’ll be a huge distraction in your living room.

Buy: Pillowfort Medium Coiled Rope Bin, $20 from Target

Crate & Kids Snoozer Cream Glider

Is it just me or do all nursing chairs look the same? So when I stumbled across this Crate & Kids glider designed by HGTV’s Leanne Ford, I became fixated on it. The tufted design looks like something out of a contemporary museum, while the white bouclé fabric is totally on trend. If there’s one item that will continue to complement my home decor far past my baby’s toddler years, it’s this nursing chair.

Buy: Snoozer Cream Glider, $1,099 from Crate&Kids

Credit: Staples

Multipurpose Sterilizer

Baby gadgets live in more spaces than thebaby’s cute little nursery; they have a way of creeping their way onto your kitchen counters, too. If you can just feel the style of your marble island and subway-tile backsplash being cramped, here’s a gadget you’ll be excited to display. This multipurpose sterilizer uses UVC LED light rays to kill 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria. You can use it to sterilize bottles, pacifiers, toys, and so much more.

Buy: Multipurpose Sterilizer, $134.99 from Staples

Credit: Bloom

Coco Go 3-in-1 Bouncer

This Bloom bouncer boasts clean lines and a minimal, almost-Scandinavian design that’ll fit right in with all your grown-up decor. It’s not just all good looks though. The wood and steel design folds flat to store out of the way when you’re not using it, the machine-washable seat pad is made of organic cotton, and the entire unit comes with two vibration speeds to soothe even the fussiest baby.

Buy: Coco Go 3-in-1 Bouncer, $199.00 from Bloom

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