7 Easy Ways You Can Get Your Bathroom Even Cleaner

published Apr 20, 2023
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The task itself is a tough enough mountain to climb, so let’s first say this: There’s no wrong way to clean the bathroom. But… but! There are definitely methods you can try that will make cleaning the bathroom more effective and sometimes even easier. Cleaning knowledge is cleaning power and, when it comes to manual tasks like scrubbing the toilet and wiping the mirror, “power” means less physical toil.

Here are seven easy ways to get a spotless and functional washroom with far less work:

1. Let the toilet brush dry before putting it away.

Yes, it’s a feat to even use that dirtiest of brushes to scrub that dirtiest of seats in the house. But if you don’t let it dry before putting it back in its cradle, you’re creating a pool of toilet water that you’ll be dipping into repeatedly. Now that’s yuck. Instead, dry your toilet brush by sandwiching it under the toilet seat and allowing it to drip into the bowl before putting it back in the holder.

2. Dust before you clean.

If you don’t dust the toilet before you clean it, you’ll likely be wiping a wet trail of dust all along the toilet as you’re wiping it down. Dusting with a duster or the dusting attachment on your vacuum cleaner solves this problem and makes your actual wipe-down less about dusting and more about shining the toilet.

3. Clean behind the toilet.

It’s a tempting spot to overlook. No one wants to contort themselves to reach that patch of floor between the back of the toilet and the wall. But if you skip it, not only will dust and hair accumulate over time, but odors from “oversplash” could become a problem as well.

4. Let the shower spray soak in.

Soap scum cleaners need time to work, whether you’re using the vinegar-in-a-bag trick on the shower head or a commercial spray on the glass doors. Wiping down your shower walls before the cleaners have done their work is an exercise in futility (and wastes product, too).

Credit: Joe Lingeman

5. Don’t use fabric softener on towels.

We all want to come out of the shower and wrap ourselves in a soft fluffy towel, but using fabric softener on towels diminishes their absorbancy over time. To keep your towels soft, pliable, and absorbent, add a cup of vinegar to the wash cycle. Also use less detergent when you wash your towels.

Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

6. Use baking soda and vinegar separately.

Baking soda and vinegar will always have a place in my cleaning arsenal. But using them at the same time cancels out vinegar’s disinfecting properties. To take advantage of the scrubbing power of baking soda and the antiseptic properties of vinegar, I use them separately: I sprinkle baking soda in our bathroom sinks and scrub with water and a sponge. After the baking soda is rinsed away, I spray with vinegar to kill germs.

Credit: Lana Kenney

7. Use lint-free rags to wipe your mirrors.

Using rags means less waste, and that’s something we can all get behind. But if you use the wrong type of rag, your mirror won’t be sparkling when you’re done cleaning it. Regular rags leave behind lint and result in a fuzzy looking glass. Instead, for an old t-shirt, a microfiber rag or blue huck surgical towels when you clean the mirrors

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