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30 of the Best Halloween Costumes for Kids This Year

published Sep 15, 2021
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Halloween is a fun time for kids (and adults) when they get to pretend to be someone they’re not. Maybe it’s their favorite TV character, a fun animal, or something really scary. When we put together our list of the best Halloween costumes of the year, we spoke to some kids about their costume plans, and they did not disappoint. 

Some kids, like my 3-year-old who decided in July she wanted to be a pumpkin, know exactly what they want to be. Others change their mind every few days right up until the 31st. This can make it difficult for parents who just want to get the costume and check the item off their to-do list. Maybe if you show your indecisive kids this list, they’ll be inspired to make a final decision. 

We included everything from traditional scary costumes to ones inspired by their favorite shows and characters. Many of the costumes also have adaptive options, so all kids can join in on the fun regardless of any special clothing needs. Without any further ado, here are 30 of the best Halloween costumes for 2021! 

Classic Costumes

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Pottery Barn Kids

Costumes with glow-in-the-dark or reflective features are excellent for safety, which is why we like this glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume. Make this costume even more exciting by bringing a portable speaker and playing Spooky Scary Skeletons while your kids walk through the neighborhood. You can liven up these costumes by adding skeleton face paint as well.

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Pottery Barn Kids

Witch costumes are Halloween staples, and you’re bound to see some other witches while you’re out trick-or-treating. Don’t let that stop your kids from choosing either of these witch costumes, though. With a beautifully made glow-in-the-dark option and an adaptive option, they’ll still stand out even if they’re not the only witch on the block.

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Pottery Barn Kids

One of the parents we spoke to noted that their child is set on being a ghost, saying “for the past six months I have been answering the question ‘how long until Halloween?’ At first it was multiple times a day, then daily, now it’s about once or twice a week that my 4-year-old checks in on this incredibly important date and how close it is. He is going to be a ghost. He reminds me of this with roughly the same frequency, though not always at the same time.”

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Halloween Costumes

This scary costume is a super fun one for kids. Add some theatrical blood or zombie makeup, and your kids will have a ball embellishing this costume. Many older kids get a thrill out of scaring people, and this costume definitely provides the shock factor.

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When you’re looking for a scary costume but don’t want the fuss and muss of makeup or accessories, this werewolf costume is the one for you. All your kid will need is a pair of their own pants and they’re set. Get ready for the night while watching “Twilight,” “Teen Wolf,” or any of your other favorite werewolf films.

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Melissa & Doug

So many kids aspire to be astronauts, which makes it a popular Halloween costume choice. We like this one from Melissa & Doug because it’s simple enough that it can remain in your play clothes rotation all year round. Pair it with “The Darkest Dark” and teach your kids about what it’s really like in space.

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This one might require a tiny bit of work to put together, but the cuteness factor is worth it. The base layer babysuit and joggers are made of regular clothes from Primary, meaning you won’t be spending money on something that will only be worn once. Your baby may not be ready to work out yet, but they’ll certainly look the part in this comfy costume.

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was $35.99

If you’ve ever seen one of these costumes in the dark, you know how cool they look. People giving out candy love when they see a light-up stick figure walking up their sidewalk through the dark. Kids also love the way they look in this costume, so make sure your phone is charged so you can take video after video of them moving around in the dark.

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There’s no denying that healthcare workers have been our heroes over the past year and a half. Whether your little one wants to pay homage to nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers or they aspire to be one themselves one day, this costume is a little kid’s dream.

Animal Costumes

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Pottery Barn Kids

Dinosaurs have been popular with little kids since the dawn of time … quite literally. They’re scary, unique, and larger than life: three qualities that make kids’ eyes light up. If you have a dinosaur lover, we have options for you. They can light up, trick out their wheelchair, or give the illusion that they’re riding a dinosaur.

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Pottery Barn Kids

What’s fluffy and pink and cute all over? Your baby dressed up as a flamingo this Halloween! This fluffy flamingo costume is a one-piece that will help keep your baby warm while looking cute. It even has snaps in the diaper area to make this a truly functional costume.

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Spirit Halloween

5-year-old Beatrix from Massachusetts wants to be a unicorn with a rainbow mane for Halloween this year. Whether your kid wants to be the unicorn or ride the unicorn, there are plenty of costume options. Bright, happy colors are popular with kids this year, so a rainbow unicorn costume will be a big hit.

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Spirit Halloween

Favorite Character Costumes

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“Luca” came out this past summer with great success, making the costume a popular option for kids this year. The movie is about Luca, a sea monster who ventures onto land and learns about a whole new world out of the water. This costume comes with a top, tail, and mask, so they’ll just need to slip on a pair of their own pants, and they’ll be ready to go.

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Pottery Barn Kids

“Harry Potter” has stood the test of time, with new generations of kids enjoying the books and films. This is a fun magical costume for kids to wear, so it fits with spooky Halloween themes, but it doesn't cross into the realm of too scary for kids who are easily spooked. Plus, the Harry Potter soundtrack creates a Halloween-esque ambiance for your night of haunts.

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Halloween Costumes

One child we spoke to wants to be Luna Lovegood this year, which is a fun take on the typical Harry Potter Costume. She has a wacky style, and kids enjoy getting into her character. Her optimistic outlook and cheery demeanor are exactly what the world needs right now.

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Party City

Girls are sometimes left out of the superhero world, but don’t tell this to my husband who has already bought our 3-year-old daughter at least 10 superhero action figures. Wonder Woman is an excellent role model for all kids; she’s strong, resilient, and confident. This costume replicates her style from the most recent Wonder Woman movie and includes it all, from the headband down to the leg warmers.

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Party City

4-year-old Henry from North Carolina wants to be a superhero this year, more specifically, Spiderman. You can never go wrong with choosing a superhero costume; they’re classics and instantly recognizable by almost everyone. These costumes also provide a fun way for kids to get into character and practice saving the world.

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Party City

Kids can take their favorite game off the screen and into real life with this Marshmello costume from Fortnite. The costume includes a shirt and plastic mask, so they’ll have to use their own pants. This costume has become almost synonymous with Fortnite, and any kid who plays the game will instantly recognize the icon.

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Spirit Halloween

Kids who love creating their own worlds in Minecraft will enjoy dressing up as a character from the platform. Steve is one of the most iconic characters in the game and is one of the playable characters in the game. This realistic costume comes with everything they’ll need to dress up and bring Steve to life.

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Paw Patrol continues to reign supreme among toddlers and young kids. These costumes provide a simple and fun way for young kids to pretend to be their favorite character.

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Pottery Barn Kids

Have a wild thing on your hands? Then this costume is just right. The bodysuit is made of coral fleece, so it will be cozy and warm for all the trick-or-treating shenanigans your wild thing gets into. If you haven’t yet introduced “Where the Wild Things Are” to your kids, Halloween is the perfect time.

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Halloween Costumes

Addie from Maryland plans to be the Greek Goddess Artemis this year. These blast-from-the-very-distant-past costumes are elegant, fun, and unique! You can prep for the big day by reading some kid-friendly myths or even re-enacting some at home!

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Halloween Costumes

Food Costumes

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Party City
was $29.99

This costume is babywearing friendly, which makes life a lot easier for parents who will be taking older kids out trick-or-treating. You’ll have to supply your own carrier to turn your baby into the most scrumptious pot of spaghetti you’ve ever seen.

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Have an inseparable sibling duo? If they go together like milk and cookies, they’ll look great in these costumes. The cookie costume is a tunic that your child can wear over their clothes, and the milk costume similarly slips right over whatever they want to wear underneath.

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