22 Gifts for the Tech-Loving Kid

updated Nov 4, 2022
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siblings on a couch playing with both ipad games and robots
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As much as some of us want to evade technology, it’s here to stay. As a mom, I try to encourage plenty of play away from screens. The fact is, though, that technology is ubiquitous and sometimes really great for encouraging imagination and education. What do you get that kid who just seems drawn to screens and technology? Maybe they already seem to have it all when it comes to tech, or you’re just lost in a sea of unfamiliar products. We might as well support their interests by getting them tech and gaming gifts we can stand behind.

Kids who are into tech can be picky, so they might not be excited about just any gift. Try to learn about what games or tech products they’re into and go from there. While some might be into computers and coding, others might be drawn to a specific gaming system. To help you out, we found 22 tech and gaming products for kids of all ages, from accessories to innovative games and products.

Little Kids

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was $79.99

Osmo is one of the most well-known and respected hands-on tech products for kids. Rather than just touching a screen, kids learn with Osmo via sticks, rings, and cardboard people. If you want your kids to learn how to use a device but don't want them sucked into a screen, this is the product for you.

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Numbers, letters, time, weather, days of the week ... the list of things kids need to know by the time they enter kindergarten is virtually endless. Let this interactive desk help you get your child ready while giving you the peace of mind that you're exposing them to kindergarten readiness topics.

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This little projector turns books into interactive experiences. Simply attach it to your phone, open the app, and slide in a story reel, and you can project pictures from the book onto the wall or ceiling. Just this little bit of technology can make a reluctant reader excited to listen to a story.

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Think video games aren't for toddlers and little kids? Think again. LeapLand Adventures was designed with little kids in mind and covers topics like letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. All you need is a TV to get it up and running.

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was $53.39

This fun robot smartwatch allows kids to take pictures, play games, track their steps, and of course, tell the time. It also includes parental controls so you can set limits on screen time and approve wireless connections.

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was $43.99

There's something so exciting about taking pictures underwater. Whether you're taking a trip to a tropical location or you frequent the pool, kids will love capturing the underwater environment. Just make sure they can swim before gifting them this camera.

Big Kids

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This coding kit comes with 15 STEM activities. The kit teaches a valuable tool — coding — while kids have fun learning. Once they get the hang of it, they'll even be able to create their own activities.

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Kids can create their own videos with this high-definition camera that includes its own animated backgrounds. The camera includes a tripod and a green screen, giving kids everything they need to independently create. Be sure to monitor younger kids if they proceed to upload their videos to social media.

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was $24.99

These Bluetooth headphones are just right for kids to listen to their own media. They feature controls right on the headphones, and they come in 9 fun color combos.

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Whether your kids are homeschooling or they're just really into history and geography, they won't be able to get enough of this VR set. It comes with a book, multiple activities, and a VR headset that brings the book to life. The immersive learning experience literally takes them around the world as they learn about volcanoes, ancient castles, and much more.

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Fat Brain Toys
was $75.95

Artie Max introduces kids to six different coding languages so they can have fun while they learn this valuable skill. Once they set up their code, Artie will draw their creation. Parents will love that this is a secure toy that never needs to connect to the internet.

Tweens & Teens

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Rifle Paper Co.
was $25.00

Buying AirPods themselves is a pretty steep purchase, but if they already have a set, your tween or teen will appreciate a nice case. It comes in four beautiful floral designs and has easy access for charging.

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was $228.00

What's cooler than stylish sunglasses? Stylish sunglasses that have built-in Bose speakers. Tweens and teens who appreciate high-quality sound will probably even leave these on inside and at night.

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Today's kids like to have everything instantly, and you can't really blame them when they have the world at their fingertips. Play into this desire with an instant photo printer. It's small enough to use on the go, and it doesn't need ink or toner. You might want to get them some extra paper to start out, too.

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Uncommon Goods

At a party, during study hall (with the teacher's permission, of course), or out on a fun hike, your tweens and teens can stay hydrated while listening to their favorite music. It's a 17-ounce stainless steel water bottle with a Bluetooth speaker on the cap. Just remember to take off the lid before washing.

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was $99.00

Kids can set up an outdoor movie night with their friends or turn their entire wall into a TV. This projector works with multiple interfaces and devices. It's small enough that they can bring it along to a friend's house, too.

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was $79.95

This connected Rubik's Cube combines old-school gaming with modern technology. When connected, kids can learn how to solve the cube and compete with others around the world.

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Uncommon Goods

Touch bracelets are a particularly thoughtful gift for someone who will be moving out of the home soon. They wear one bracelet and give the other one to someone they'll miss. Every time someone touches the bracelet, the other one lights up and vibrates.

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Improve any gamer's setup with this gaming chair that has a built-in subwoofer and two speakers. They can also use the chair to listen to music or watch TV. At only $88, this is a steal for a gaming chair.

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If you're able to find a tween or teen who doesn't already have a selfie light, you won't regret picking this up as a gift. The bright light enhances their natural beauty in pictures. It simply clips onto the phone and is compatible with all phones.

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Gaming, but make it old school. This Sega Genesis Mini includes 40 of the games you probably remember from your childhood. Even if you buy this solely to introduce them to Sonic the Hedgehog, they'll be eternally grateful.

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Have you ever tried to talk to a teen while they're gaming? It doesn't always end well. They'll love these socks that speak for themselves. Next time they get interrupted, all they'll need to do is kick up their feet.