20 Exciting New Science Gifts for Kids of All Ages

updated Nov 11, 2022
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mom and child doing science project outdoors
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Science and STEM toys have become very popular recently and for good reason. Science is fun! Most kids take some sort of interest in the sciences, even if they don’t realize it. Kids naturally want to understand the world around them, which is the foundation of every scientific field. And why not add a little (lot) of fun to the mix, too?

Maybe you have a budding scientist on your hands, or maybe you’re desperately trying to get your child more interested in the sciences. Either way, these 20 gifts are bound to excite kids. From home-grown volcanoes to science experiments they can eat, these gifts keep them engaged for hours.

Little Kids

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Fat Brain Toys

Little kids will be enthralled watching real, live caterpillars turn into butterflies. They'll get to watch the whole process from start to finish, and they'll even learn how to make food for the butterflies. When the butterflies are ready, you can set them free into the world!

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Sensory water play is a fun introduction to science for little ones. Without even realizing it, they'll start to learn about gravity, cause and effect, the water cycle, and more.

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Uncommon Goods

These adorable and educational blocks will bring some excitement to your playroom. The blocks include all 118 elements on the periodic table and display the atomic number, symbol, and name of each element. It's a great way to get kids introduced to science without a ton of pressure.

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Melissa & Doug
was $14.99

If you have a scientific bug explorer, give them somewhere to safely keep what they find. This bug house has mesh sides for ventilation and an easy access door in the front.

Big Kids

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Easy-snap connections allow kids to design their own robot. When they're done, they can set the gears in motion and control their robot via remote control.

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KiwiCo is the gift that keeps on giving because subscription boxes arrive every month. They have kits designed for all age ranges, and you can even filter kits to see their science and tinkering offerings. These are an evergreen hit with parents and kids alike!

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The only thing better than a terrarium for kids who are into earth sciences is a terrarium that glows in the dark! In addition to soil and seeds, the kit includes fun additions such as stickers and glowing sand.

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Fat Brain Toys

Science gets infinitely cooler when it's disgusting — isn't that a known fact? This kit guides kids through experiments that teach them things like "what makes gas?" or "what is the chemical makeup of soap?"

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Learning Resources

A science experiment you can eat? Count me in. This kit walks them through how to make 7 scientific recipes.

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Learning Resources

Teach your kids about anatomy with a fun, life-size skeleton floor puzzle. Each piece has both the formal and common bone names printed on the opposite side.

Tweens & Teens

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Your budding scientist will be able to examine the world around them close up with this microscope that magnifies up to 400x. This gift also includes an activity journal where they can keep track of their experiments.

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Generate electricity or launch a rocket with things you have sitting around in your kitchen! Kids will be amazed at how everyday objects can become fun science experiments. The kit gives directions for creating six different experiments.

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This science gift isn't just fun and educational; it's also purposeful. After building the hotel, they'll place it outside where it will become a hotel for insects to lay their eggs. They can also add their own natural materials to make the hotel feel homey for all the bugs.

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Kids who love to tinker will enjoy building a robotic bug that defies gravity. They'll learn about electric circuits, gears, and motors as they assemble their bug. After it's put together, they'll have a fun toy that can climb around the house.

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was $29.99

This comprehensive kit includes over 15 science experiments. Experiments include volcanoes, tornadoes, crystals, and more. Because there are so many experiments, this is an excellent gift for kids to share.

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was $19.99

Have you ever wondered what's inside a geode? Your kids won't have to wonder when they break open these geodes using three different methods. After they're done, they'll have beautifully interesting decorations for their room.

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Let your stargazer get up close and personal with space. This telescope comes with a tripod, so you can set it up anywhere. It has enough magnification to see the moons of Jupiter or the rings of Saturn.

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Fat Brain Toys

Growing crystals is fun, but it's even more fun when they grow into adorable hedgehog spikes. Available in four different colors, this hedgehog science experiment is a fun way to make an adorable room decoration or desk buddy.

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was $24.99

LEGOs take on a new life in this kit that teaches kids how to build moving machines. For best results, kids should already have some basic LEGO bricks of their own. Once they learn how to make machines, they can break free from the instructions and get creative!

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Your young Isaac Newton doesn't need to get hit on the head by an apple to learn how gravity works. Instead, they'll have to use logic and construction skills to build a maze that successfully gets their marble from the top to the bottom.