18 Brilliant Snack Hacks and Mealtime Tips I Learned From Parents on TikTok

published Mar 7, 2023
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TikTok may have started with viral dance crazes and lip syncing, but the social media app is now full of smart tips and tricks, like these awesome organizing hacks from teachers and this trick to un-shrink clothes. There’s also a wealth of resources on the app to help get your family fed. Both experts and regular ol’ parents like you and me share snack hacks and dinner wins to help everyone approach the family table with more enjoyment and confidence.

Ready for some great ideas? Here are my 18 favorite family-friendly food tip TikTok videos. (Say that ten times fast!)

Snack hacks

1. Give them a banana lollipop.

Banana pieces can be tricky for little fingers to pick up. You can roll them in crushed Cheerios, but I love this little banana pop trick.


cut it in half + 1-2” of the top: tah dah! ✨ follow our IG for more tips and fam posts: everydaypursuitsfam #momhacks #babiesoftiktok #momhacks101

♬ Caution – Kaytranada

2. Try a quick slushie trick.

This is a good one to remember for hot summers! And even when it’s not, kids love frozen treats. This ten-minute slushie trick would be fun with 100% juice. 

3. Make a sweet cinnamon rose.

My mother made this for us all the time as kids, but she just rolled it up in a regular old tube. And I make it for my kids now too. (I like whole wheat tortillas for a little extra fiber.) But I’ve never rolled it up like a rose. The tiniest bit of extra work for this cute presentation!

4. Hand them one-ingredient popsicles

Sweet and summery! Perfect for all ages.

5. Set up self-serve snacks.

Over the door shoe organizers are helpful for so much more than your sneakers. Add one to the back of your pantry door to give your littles easy access to their favorite snacks. The top half is perfect for storing water bottles and sippy cups!

6. Make a no-waste snack mix.

This is 100% what the snack shelf looks like in my pantry. My kids are constantly opening new bags before finishing what they’ve already opened.

7. Rethink the tools you already have.

I always clean out the bib and reoffer what fell in there, but never thought to serve it up just like that?!

8. Turn snack time into dinner time.

Ok, but what if all your kids want to eat is snacks and skip dinner? This mom flipped their dinner schedule to better accommodate her family’s appetite. 

Mealtime Tricks and Ideas

You’re finally all sitting down to eat the meal you spent a not significant amount of time and energy to prepare. How do you avoid spending the same amount of time and energy convincing your kids to eat it? 

9. Stay in your lane.

Many food experts and nutritionists are fans of Registered Dietitian Ellyn Satter’s “division of responsibility.” Basically, your job is to decide when and what’s for dinner, it’s your kids’ job to decide what they want to eat. Everyone taking responsibility for their roles at the table removes pressure from both parents and kids. Stick to one family meal.


The hardest part is not saying anything once your job is done!!! 🤭 #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #healthyfamily #feedingkids #nutritionforkids

♬ original sound – Emily

10. But offer “safe” choices with that meal.

11. Think of the whole picture.

Kids are actually really good at regulating themselves, and it will eventually all even out over time. Don’t just look at one meal or one day!

Answer to @thiaguapo check out the free picky eater guide in my bio! #dietitian #pickyeaters #parentsoftiktok #mealtime #toddlermom

♬ gold rush – Taylor Swift

12. Offer food in stages.

Try a deconstructed approach, and ramp up to a more integrated meal.

Deconstructed meals are a great way to try to get your kid to eat a full meal! #dietitian #parentingadvice #parentsoftiktok #pickyeater #tacotuesday

♬ Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts

13. Keep food neutral.

Don’t attach morality to foods and honor your children’s appetite.

14. Praise is unnecessary.

You don’t have to praise your kids for eating their meal.


do you praise? it can lead to kids looking for external motivation to eat (not what we want) #parenting #toddlermom #toddlerparents #parentingtoddlers

♬ Rasputin (Single Version) – Boney M.

Cooking with Your Kids

15. Let them show you what they can do.

While I definitely did not have my kids cooking with me like this at 17 months, this mom’s approach to getting her toddler comfortable around food prep offers good tips no matter what age your kids are.

16. Get the right tools for little hands.

These knives are popular with Montessori learning, and they are the perfect tool to get your kids cooking safely.

17. Keep tasks age-appropriate.

Keep it fun with preschoolers with mixing, pouring, and other simple activities. Once kids hit kindergarten, they’re ready for a little bit more advanced steps, like measuring and peeling.


Cooking with your little chef doesn’t have to be complicated! Give them the right age appropriate skills and watch them surprise you ✨

♬ Dance Monkey – Tones and I

18. Help them prepare for more equitable partnerships.

I’ve been writing about cooking with kids for years. But this TikTok duet shifted my entire perspective. Teaching my kids (my son especially) the value of cooking is not just beneficial for themselves, but sets them up to contribute meaningfully in future partnerships.

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