18 Kids of Every Age on The One Gift They *Really* Want This Year

published Nov 22, 2022
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Seeking gift inspiration? I reached out to friends’ kids, one child at every age from 1 to 18, to ask them what they wanted most for the holidays. My own son, 17, was useless as he’s just bargaining for computer parts. My firstborn, 20, had me reserve an Airbnb for them to share with their friend for a few days during college break. This is all to say that hearing other kids’ toy wishes, sports-gear dreams, and tech fantasies was sweet and refreshing now that I’ve reached a stage where what my kids want does not easily go into Santa’s sack. You can click and order any of the gifts below, wrap them up, and trust that they’re kid-recommended.

Side note: It really is true that younger kids are more easily satisfied. Bathe in the glory of being able to make dreams come true for less than $100 while you can!

18 Kid-Approved Gifts for 2022

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Casper, 18 months, Bishop, CA

“Okay I know ‘ma’ is one of my limited words but it covers a lot of ground. It usually means ‘Mama’ but sometimes it means ‘mas’ as in ‘more’ and sometimes I am making the sheep sound ‘maaaaa.’ Also, ‘ma’ is for ‘magnetic toys’ which are my favorite. I have Magna-Tiles and Tegu and Smartmax. I am not a brand-loyal baby. For Christmas, though, I want the Magna-Tiles Safari Set because I am going to try and master all the elements of the word ‘elephant.’” [translated by Casper’s father]

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Quinn, 2, Houston, TX

“I want a purple scooter with a yellow helmet. Purple is my favorite color. Then I can ride with my friend Eleanor down the street.” [translated by Quinn’s mother]

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Charlie, 3, New York, NY

"I want a big camera, and a big fire engine, and blocks in different shapes—diamonds, squares, triangles, circles, ‘bexagons,’ and lines. Oh! Oh Mom, I also want one red block that's a line."

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Lenny, 4, Denver, CO

“No toys! Just a truck! I want the garbage truck.” [Mom: He will get a toy garbage truck]

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Chloe, 5, Hoboken, NJ

“I want baby sess-ries because some of my baby dolls have been very good this year so I want to give them a prize for Christmas. But the other babies will get normal presents too. I want to do music lessons so I need a baby piano and do they make doll bouncers? And a changing table and hangers for their clothes. Oh! But I also want the horse stable where the doll can ride on a horsey and feed him and just take care of him.”

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Alma, 6, Brooklyn, NY

“Pom-Pom Snowballs. They are snowball pom-poms. They are like pom-poms but like a snowball for Christmas. We can have a snowball fight in the middle of the living room."

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William, 7, Queens, NY

“I want a game called Akedo. It is fun and I will tell you some more about it, it’s like there are two people each with these minifigures that can crack open, but they are not broken. You are trying to punch the other guy–to knock him down. The person who has lost needs to get a new character. I want this toy for Christmas because it's a nice thing to have if you have a friend over or a cousin visiting. But if you are a parent who thinks the punching is too violent, you should get Beyblades instead.”

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Tabitha, 8, Phoenix, AZ

“I WANT SQUISHMALLOWS! Especially cute ones. The unicorn panda one! Because it’s a panda and it’s a unicorn and it has wings! I want the teal one!”

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Sara, 9, Brooklyn, NY

“I want a rubber-band bracelet-making kit. My friends and I sell bracelets for about $1.”

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Noah, 10, Clifton, NJ

[Prologue from Noah: “First I have to research new LEGO sets, narrow them down to three, and compare descriptions and reviews. I’m not just going to make something up! I need to make sure I find the right set.”]

“Diorama sets are really cool because I enjoy displaying the LEGO sets I build. I also think LEGOs are cool because you can have fun building them with friends, family, or yourself. I like building LEGOs with my dad and little brother. But this isn't a play set. It doesn't have any play features or anything like that; it's strictly for display, and I prefer to display my LEGOs rather than play with them.”

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Carly, 11, Greenwich, CT

“I want a soccer rebounder cause I could really use it and play with it. I'd be able to practice soccer on my own. You kick the ball against it and it comes right back to you.”

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was $199.00

Nicholas, 12, Wayne, NJ

“I want a 3D printer so I can put my creative mind to good use. I really want to design my own products and make them at my own house. By having my own 3D printer, I don't have to hire a designer, who may not understand or know what I want to create. I'd rather be the creator than have someone create it for me, or find it at the mall."

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Max, 13, Ossining, NY

“I want the Puma MB1 Lamelo Rick and Morty ball shoes because they’re cool. I want the CAT-10 baseball bat because it’s good. I want NBA 2K23. I have NBA 2K22 and now the new one is out and a lot of people play it.”

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Libby, 14, Chicago, IL

“I would like a new leather jacket. Then there’s always this LEGO truck set. Because it’s, like, a farm, and big.”

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Davin, 15, Brooklyn, NY

“I typically don’t ask for anything specific. But if I had to name something, it would be the new iPhone 14 Pro. It has a better camera and a lot more and better features than my phone, which is almost ready for an upgrade and has been pretty slow for a while.”

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Braden, 16, Pittsburgh, PA

“I’ve been bowling for about five years. I’m on my school’s travel team, and I belong to a youth bowling league outside of school. I want a three-ball bowling bag for tournaments. Last weekend, at a doubles tournament, I won $153, which goes into a scholarship account for me.”

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Max, 17, New York, NY

“I would love this pedal for my electric guitar."

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was $479.00

Alexa, 18, Chicago, IL

“An iPad because it’s really good for taking notes. I can hand-write in different folders and import documents from class without having to use up paper. The older generation still has the touch ID but isn’t $700.”