10 Nostalgic Halloween Movies to Stream on Disney+ This Fall

published Oct 21, 2020
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Calling all witches, phantoms, and pumpkin kings and queens: we’re now one month away from Halloween. How we’ll celebrate the spooky season this year will look much different due to COVID-19 quarantine, but that doesn’t mean All Hallow’s Eve is canceled. One cozy and safe activity to partake in? Strolling down memory lane with Disney+’s roster of nostalgic Halloween movies. The streamer has offerings that will evoke the glory days of childhood—ones spent watching the Disney Channel and begging our parents for Motorola Razr cell phones. Since 2020 has proven to be a total dumpster fire, return to the 1990s and early 2000s with these Halloween titles. 

1. “Hocus Pocus”

Relive the misadventures of Max, Dani, and Allison in this perennial Halloween favorite about teens who unwittingly free a coven of evil witches. As the new kid in town (Salem, Massachusetts, of course—it’s a film about witches, after all), Max isn’t convinced about the superstitions and stories surrounding the Sanderson Sisters. After an (ill-advised) evening touring the witches’ abandoned home, Max learns fact from fiction, and the trio must prevent the sisters from becoming mortal. Watch it now.

Common Sense Media Age Grade: 10+

2. “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

In this Tim Burton classic, Halloweentown’s beloved pumpkin king Jack Skellington becomes disillusioned with the same ol’, same ol’ of frightening people in the real world. When he stumbles upon the bright and cheery world of Christmastown, he gets a new lease on life. However, things go awry when Jack decides to kidnap Santa Claus and co-opt his role. Watch it now.

Common Sense Media Age Grade: 7+

3. – 5. “Halloweentown,” “Halloweentown II,” and “Halloweentown High”

A young Halloween-obsessed teen named Marnie discovers that she comes from a long line of witches in this Disney Channel favorite after she secretly follows her grandmother back home to Halloweentown, a town composed of supernatural beings. With the help of her grandmother, mother, and two siblings, Marnie fights against evil warlocks and other threats and, perhaps most spooky, starts high school in this witchy trilogy series. Watch it now.

Common Sense Media Age Grade: 7+

6. “Mom’s Got a Date With a Vampire”

Adam, Chelsea, and Taylor are thrilled when their mother (yes, that is Aunt Zelda from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”) gets a date, setting in motion their plans to sneak out after they’ve been grounded. There’s just one problem: youngest sibling Taylor soon suspects that their mother’s date (yes, that is Mr. Sheffield from “The Nanny”) is a vampire. Watch it now.

Common Sense Media Age Grade: 8+

7. & 8. “Twitches” and “Twitches Too” 

Tia and Tamera Mowry trade in their suburban home in “Sister, Sister” for a kingdom threatened by darkness in “Twitches” and its sequel “Twitches Too.” The films follow twin sisters who were separated at birth only to reunite on their 21st birthday, soon discovering that they’re witches who must use their powers to save the witchy world in which they were born—one where their birth mother still resides. Watch it now.

Common Sense Media Age Grade: 8+

9. “Phantom of the Megaplex”

Teenager Pete Riley is excited when he gets a part-time job at the local multiplex. The theater will premiere all the major motion pictures with various big-name celebrities in attendance. What could possibly go wrong? Well, the theater is haunted by a phantom responsible for malfunctioning equipment, disappearing staff, and more spooky woes. Watch it now.

Common Sense Media Age Grade: 7+

10. “Don’t Look Under the Bed”

No, “Don’t Look Under the Bed” was not a fever dream. The film follows a level-headed teen named Frances who doesn’t believe in the supernatural. However, when a string of strange things begin to happen in her neighborhood, Frances is framed and must enlist the help of an imaginary friend to stop the boogeyman, the spooky figure really behind all of the paranormal events. Watch it now.

Common Sense Media Age Grade: 9+

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