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The Block Set All Three of Our Kids Are Obsessed With

published Aug 30, 2022
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Play is an incredibly important part of our children’s day. I’m a NYC teacher and my wife is a pediatric occupational therapist and we’re VERY selective about the toys that we bring into the playspace our three daughters share (ages 7, 5, and 2). We look for toys that are open-ended, engaging, and spark imaginative play.

Block play has always been a crucial component of play growth and development, and we’ve learned that not all block sets are created equal. The Block Set from Lovevery (maker of one of my favorite toy storage shelves and fantastic play kits for little kids) is the most comprehensive, engaging, and imaginative block set we’ve ever come across. All three of our daughters are OBSESSED with this block set!

What’s Included In THIS Block Set?

The Block Set is a beautiful, colorful masterpiece. This one block set invites kids to stack, roll, count, categorize, connect, and more. Yes, it’s pricey at $90, but it comes with 70 solid wood blocks in 18 different colors, and 18 different shapes and tools. The blocks can all fit inside the wooden storage box which has a shape sorter lid and can be turned into a rolling ramp or a pull car with wheels. The set also includes instructions on how to engage with the blocks in over 20 different stage-based activities.

Why Lovevery’s Block Set Is Worth the Price

There are so many ways to engage with the different shaped blocks and tools, and the play goes far beyond building a block tower and knocking it over. Simultaneously our 2-year-old can be placing the blocks with holes onto the bead threader, while our 5-year-old is building a city for the peg people, while our 7-year-old is building a “chain of events” structure. The set is incredibly versatile, and continues to grow with our girls, offering new activities and challenges as they get older.

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