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How I Use The Home Edit’s Rainbow Method to Organize Kid’s Stuff (and Where It Doesn’t Work!)
It's hard not to be inspired when you see the end result.
Sep 7, 2022
This Is My Favorite Lamp for a Kid’s Room — And It’s 15% Off Right Now!
I want one in every room of the house.
Sep 7, 2022
This Laundry Expert Never Uses Laundry Detergent—Instead, He Recommends Something Even Better
"Just make the switch, and after a few washes, your clothes will be a lot cleaner.”
Sep 6, 2022
Ask Maxwell: Why Do I Keep Asking My Child What She Wants?
I keep finding myself trying to tell my daughter to do something, but it turns into a question. For example, “Put your clothes in the hamper… Okay?” Do other parents do this? BrittneyDear Brittney,When I was in teacher training this came up often.
Sep 5, 2022
Why We Got Rid of All the Furniture in Our Living Room to Make Room for One 9-Foot Sofa
The result? Our small living room doesn't feel so small anymore.
Sep 2, 2022
This Ingenious Product Keeps Plugs and Cords Out of Sight (and Has Almost 10,000 5-Star Reviews)
It's especially great for hiding outlets in nurseries and playrooms.
Aug 29, 2022
I Tried Using Rinse Aid on My Shower Glass and Here’s What Happened
I mean, it should work to get the glass really clean, right?
Aug 29, 2022
I’ve Been Giving Everyone This Unexpected Housewarming Gift for 15 Years — and They All Love It
You're going to want to get (at least) one for yourself, too.
Aug 29, 2022
Childhood Memory: Stuyvie & The Urinal
Stuyvie was an old friend. We went way back in the summertime as kids at the beach club and day camp. But he was older than me and, for some reason, whenever we were back in our elementary school in the city our summer friendships suddenly turned off. It was often that way with my friends.The Buckley School was a small boys school, with a coat and tie dress code and a fierce sports program.
Aug 29, 2022
This Is the One Hard-to-Find Product You Probably Didn’t Know IKEA Makes
It's less than $50 and a dinner time savior for kids!
Aug 27, 2022
The 10/30 Rule Gave Me a Cleaner Home, a Healthier Budget, and Made My House More Efficient
Here are five different ways I've put this tip into practice around my home.
Aug 24, 2022
I Could Never Get My White Sheets Really Clean, Until I Tried This 2-Ingredient Combo
I found one sheet-whitening method that sounded way too easy to be true, but I tried it, and it worked!
Aug 24, 2022
I Bought a Helix Mattress for My Kid, and Here’s My Review
There are many reasons to choose the Helix Kids mattress, but one in particular clinched it for me.
Aug 22, 2022
How to Choose Your First Big Kid Mattress, According to Sleep Experts
We've got great advice (and recommendations!) for buying a big kid mattress that's just right for your kid.
Aug 22, 2022
Ask Maxwell: Can You Help Me Put Some Sanity Back Into My Apartment?
I am in desperate need of help.  I live in a 2bd 2ba apartment, along with my 5yo son Abel. He is back and forth from here and with his mom, but lives here the majority of the time. I also have two older boys, David 17, and Matthew 15, that live with their mom and are here on weekends, and lastly is my dog, Toby, a Lhasa Apso. My apartment faces the south, and gets all day sun throughout the year.
Aug 22, 2022
Try This 2-Second Trick to Double the Storage Size of Your Plastic Baggie
This is one of those hacks you'll want to tuck away for the future.
Aug 22, 2022
54 Things Absolutely Nobody Should be Storing, Anywhere
Free yourself and let it go.
Aug 21, 2022
20 Smart (and Stylish!) Storage Solutions for Kids’ Rooms
Inspired organization ideas from real kids' bedrooms.
Aug 20, 2022
14 Clever Ways to Make a Shared Kids Room Work, According to the Parents Who’ve Done It
Good ideas that might get you thinking about the possibilities in YOUR house!
Aug 17, 2022
Why You Should Take Hydrogen Peroxide Out of Your First Aid Kit
Turns out, it's not great to use hydrogen peroxide on cuts and scrapes. Here's why — and what you should do instead.
Aug 16, 2022
I’ve Finally Found the Smartest Way to Use a Junk Drawer
The genius of this hack is that it solves not one but two common problems.
Aug 15, 2022
Ask Maxwell: How To Cure Clutter by Getting Good Flow into Your Home
Last week Baki asked: “My house is a living, breathing mess of my two kid’s clutter, and, especially with school coming up in a month, I need to get control of it. Any help would be appreciated.” This is a continuing answer! Dear Baki,This is my third, and last, little chapter that I hope might help you with your kids clutter problems – especially as school approaches.
Aug 15, 2022
12 Animal-Themed Wallpapers That Will Make Your Child’s Space Come Alive
From cute to dramatic, and everything in between.
Aug 12, 2022
The Smart Way to Store Kids’ Floppy Paperback Books
An unexpected storage item saves the day.
Aug 11, 2022
6 Tips for Getting Your Kids Back Into a Morning Routine Before School Starts
These will help ease those back-to-school morning woes.
Aug 11, 2022
The Best Twin Mattresses for Kids
After hours of reading and research, these 10 kids' twin mattresses stood out.
Aug 11, 2022
21 Smart Storage Hacks That Solve So Many Annoying Problems
Including a super smart way to store board games!
Aug 8, 2022
Ask Maxwell: How To Cure Clutter by Building a Landing Strip Right at the Front Door
Last week Baki asked: “My house is a living, breathing mess of my two kid’s clutter, and, especially with school coming up in a month, I need to get control of it. Any help would be appreciated.” This is a continuing answer! Dear Baki,I’m answering your question indirectly with a number of “tools” that I find really helpful and which can easily be applied to children at home.
Aug 8, 2022
12 Great Ways to Use IKEA for Toy Storage
There's a reason IKEA is the smartest choice for organizing a kid's room.
Aug 3, 2022
Parents Are on the Hunt For This Toddler Vanity That Went Viral on TikTok
It's super cute, and parents want it.
Aug 2, 2022
Ask Maxwell: How Can I Stay on Top of my Kid’s Clutter?
My house is a living, breathing mess of my two kid’s clutter, and, especially with school coming up in a month, I need to get control of it. Any help would be appreciated. BakiDear Baki,I’ve been working on bringing my first book, Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure, to video over the past two months and it’s got some great tips in it that I’ve updated and which I think you might find helpful.
Aug 1, 2022
11 Very Cool Upholstered Beds and Headboards for Kids
It's time to get cozy.
Jul 29, 2022
The #1 Thing You Should Never Buy, According to a Plumber
Take it from a sewer professional.
Jul 29, 2022
11 Fun and Whimsical Removable Wallpaper Ideas for Kids’ Rooms
A low-commitment way to make a big impact.
Jul 29, 2022
15 of Our Favorite Twin Beds for Design-Minded Parents and Their Kids
All timeless, durable, and nice to look at. Win!
Jul 28, 2022
The Unusual Yet Practically Magical Product I Use to Stop Itchy Mosquito Bites
It's an OG product for sure.
Jul 28, 2022
This Is the Best Kids’ Water Bottle, Hands Down
Because life is too short to keep looking for a good kids' water bottle.
Jul 26, 2022
6 Toy Storage Shelves and Organizers That’ll Keep Toys Out in the Open and Easily Accessible
Because the kids need to see what they have to play with!
Jul 26, 2022
8 Toddler Floor Beds That’ll Encourage Little Kids to Sleep When They Need To
All a step up from just putting a mattress on the floor!
Jul 25, 2022
Before & After: A Nursery Room Closet Transformation You Have to See to Believe
It's unrecognizable, in the best possible way.
Jul 25, 2022
I Ask Myself Just One Question When Culling My Kids’ Books — and It’s Not the One You Think
Your kids' shelves will inevitably runneth over, and here's one smart way to handle it.
Jul 23, 2022
7 Smart Ways to Use the Space Under a Kid’s Bed
It's prime real estate, ripe for the taking.
Jul 23, 2022
The Clever Way I Use a Common Pantry Storage Item In My Kid’s Room
I can't believe I didn't think of it before.
Jul 22, 2022
10 Stylish Toy Storage Bins, Baskets, and Bags that Will Grow with Your Kids
Including one shaped like a house!
Jul 22, 2022
This $15 Solution Will Add a Ton of Storage to Your Closet, and in the Most Unlikely Spot
Tempted now to do it in all our closets.
Jul 21, 2022
After 5 Kids, Here Are the Essentials I’m Still Using From My First (and Only) Baby Registry
A decade later, here are the products from my first baby registry that have stood both the test of time and the more rigorous test of outlasting multiple children.
Jul 21, 2022
10 of the Cutest Kids’ Nook Beds We’ve Ever Seen
Inspiration for the built-in kid's bed of your dreams.
Jul 20, 2022
Vomit Isn't Washing Machine Friendly — Plus, Other Laundry Dos and Don'ts
Smelly washer crisis averted.
Jul 19, 2022
TikTok Just Showed Us a Genius Way to Store Yogurt Cups in the Fridge
It's a $13 fridge organizing hack.
Jul 19, 2022
Why We Ditched the Top Sheet on the Bunk Bed
You shouldn't need to be an acrobat to make a bunk bed.
Jul 15, 2022
Before and After: A Bold Paint Job Breathes New Life into a Bland Kid’s Room
Thanks to a classic Farrow & Ball color.
Jul 12, 2022
10 Jaw-Dropping Small Space Makeovers
Quite possibly some of the best we've seen.
Jul 11, 2022
Ask Maxwell: What’s The Importance of Boredom?
This summer my son keeps complaining that he’s bored and it’s driving us crazy. We’re trying to keep him off his video games. Isn’t it good to be bored as a kid? Paul & GraceDear Paul and Grace, Yep, boredom is really good for kids, but it’s because it usually precedes them breaking through into the next phase, which is deep interest and/or presence with something that they’re doing.
Jul 11, 2022
The 43 Most Colorful Before & After Projects We’ve Seen
We've got every color of the rainbow.
Jul 8, 2022
IKEA Has a Space-Saving Nightstand for Under $40, and It’s Perfect for Kids’ Bedrooms
Inexpensive, sturdy, and can be mounted at a height best suited for your kid's bed.
Jul 5, 2022
Ask Maxwell: What’s Your Best Beach Gear for Summer?
It’s so hot where we live we’re going to be going to the beach on the lake a lot. Got any recommendations for beach gear so kids are comfortable? ElaineDear Elaine,My parents never really did the beach and really left us on our own growing up at the beach club and the day camp there. We just had a towel and a suit and that was it.
Jul 4, 2022
Why I’m Not Into Kid-Sized Furniture
Sometimes you have to first live with something to learn what you can live without.
Jul 1, 2022
Before & After: The 12 Best Kid’s Bedroom Makeovers We’ve Ever Seen
Fabulous wall murals, clever IKEA hacks, and more!
Jun 30, 2022
10 Kids’ Beds with Slides, Because an Indoor Slide is Every Kid’s Dream
There's nothing better than an indoor slide.
Jun 28, 2022
The 7 Ways I’m Childproofing My Home Now That I Have a Second Baby On The Way
Over time, I let my guard down, but it's time to get serious again.
Jun 27, 2022
What I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was a Young Mom
This is what I know now that I didn't know then.
Jun 23, 2022
I Finally Found a Mosquito Repellent Product That Actually Works
You can bid those bugs goodbye, for real this time!
Jun 22, 2022
8 Stylish Kids Dressers That Can Go from the Nursery to the Teen’s Room
Wait until you see some of the handles!
Jun 22, 2022
Before & After: Empty Ceiling Space Becomes a Lofted Playroom
This is a very clever use of space.
Jun 22, 2022
How to Tame the Stuffed Animals Taking Over Your Kid’s Room, According to a Pro Organizer
They were everywhere, and we needed a reset.
Jun 21, 2022
The Stain-Fighting Tool My Teen Daughter Asks Me to Buy Again and Again (Yes, Really)
It's a must-have for white Converse.
Jun 16, 2022
The Cute Design Detail That’s Missing from Your Kid’s Room
Functional storage, but make it cute.
Jun 16, 2022
5 Ways to Celebrate Juneteenth with Toddlers and Little Kids
Including an awesome idea to put family photos in a vintage viewfinder!
Jun 16, 2022