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5 Bento Box Lunches My Daughter Finishes Every Time
This piece was created for Cubby, our weekly newsletter for families at home. Want more? Sign up here for a weekly splash of fun and good ideas for families with kids. Even before having kids, I knew I wanted them to grow up knowing how to speak Japanese. What I underestimated was the sheer difficulty of teaching Japanese at home. As you can imagine, it’s a huge commitment to teach a second language. My husband is Filipino, so we mainly speak English together.
Apr 7, 2021
Easy One-Pot Mac and Cheese (with an Upgrade Parents Will Love Too!)
When I was growing up, eating out usually meant going to an Asian restaurant or an American fast food joint. Our very rare visits to sit-down, non-Asian restaurant were big deals, and we mostly went to chain restaurants. One favorite was the Macaroni Grill, and I always ordered the exact same dish: salmon with a side of sun-dried tomato orzo pasta. I ordered it not because I loved the salmon, but because that orzo was just so delicious.
Apr 5, 2021
10 Quick and Easy Pasta Recipes for Busy Weeknights
Busy weeknights seem like the norm these days, which means fast and easy dinners are more important than ever. Pasta is always a good option since it boils up quickly, but not all pasta recipes fit the bill (we’re looking at you, seven-layer lasagna). These 10 recipes are as speedy as it gets. Keep them handy and you’ll have something delicious to turn to no matter how busy your night is.
Mar 29, 2021
One Mom Shows You How to Prep for a Week of Freezer Meals
One of the smartest strategies for serving homemade meals all week long is already in your kitchen: It’s using your freezer. The trick is to stock your freezer with make-ahead meals that taste just as good upon reheating as they did the day they were made. The meals all freeze wonderfully, so take your pick between eating them all this week or popping one (or all of them) into the freezer for future dinners.
Mar 24, 2021
Our Favorite Chocolate-Toffee Passover Treat Also Incorporates an Easter Surprise
When you develop sweets and treats for a living, as I do, the people in your life tend to expect abundant, exceptionally yummy baked goods on the regular. Generally, I have no problem with this; I am completely on board with making delicious things for the ones I love! But every spring, because our families celebrate two different holidays, my treat-making gets just the tiniest bit harried. Enter my baking savior: matzo bark.
Mar 17, 2021
The Three-Ingredient Meal My Kids Beg For
This piece was created for Cubby, our weekly newsletter for families at home. Want more? Sign up here for a weekly splash of fun and good ideas for families with kids. Whenever I ask my kids if they have any dinner requests before I make our weekly menu, at least one of them will shout for “pesto pasta!” It’s one of those family recipes that has become a household staple, the kind of dish that I imagine they’ll always remember from their childhood.
Mar 17, 2021
5 Lazy Family Dinners that Come Together Incredibly Quickly
There have been many points when I felt totally tired of cooking this year. But now, with the weather warming up and plenty of outdoor memories to make, I’m feeling the cooking fatigue more than ever. And since I can’t totally quit cooking for the week, I’m opting for the next best thing: stacking my meal plan with the easiest and most comforting recipes I know.This week’s dinners require minimal effort (and minimal cleanup!
Mar 16, 2021
The Unbelievably Delicious Pizza Roll Upgrade for Kids and Kids-at-Heart
Have you ever had a pizza roll? It’s everything you love about a piping-hot slice, rolled up into a pinwheel and devoured in one or two bites. They’re often made for kids or as a snack, but we love them so much we wanted a dinner-worthy version — which is where these warm and gooey caprese rolls come into play.
Mar 16, 2021
10 Little Ways to Use Up Leftover Easter Eggs
Leftovers are the best part of any holiday celebration. For Easter, that means lots and lots of hard-boiled eggs (and ham or lamb). Coming up with easy, delicious ways to eat leftover hard-boiled eggs feels as much a part of the tradition as dyeing the eggs beforehand — or, at least, that’s how it goes most years. This year, for some, eggs are in short supply.
Mar 16, 2021
Clever Tips for Celebrating Passover at Home This Year
Holidays are defined by their foods. When someone says they’re roasting a turkey, you’ll think instantly of Thanksgiving. Similarly, candy follows Halloween, and chocolate goes with Valentine’s Day. For those of us who were born into the traditions of Jewish holidays, knowing when we eat fried potato latkes and when we eat apples with honey and when we eat matzo comes just as naturally.
Mar 11, 2021
The 20-Minute Instant Pot Chili Mac Recipe that Will Get You Through These Last Weeks of Winter
Chili mac is everything I want in a dinner bowl: creamy, cheesy, and infinitely cozy. Unfortunately, making it from scratch typically involves dirtying multiple pots and a decent amount of time — which is what makes this Instant Pot version so brilliant. With just eight ingredients and a 20-minute cook time, you can pull off this easy and delicious dinner anytime you’re craving comfort.
Mar 9, 2021
10 Easy St. Paddy’s Day Treats for Kids
St Patrick’s Day is a holiday that I tend to avoid celebrating with my family. I’m half Irish, but this minor holiday feels frivolous for my young kids who already have visits from the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Santa — do they really need to set leprechaun traps and search for gold coins?
Mar 9, 2021
Packing Lunches Is The One Ritual I’ll Never Get Rid of — No Matter Where School Is
At the beginning of the pandemic, my children’s spring break turned into a two-week hiatus and then an experiment in distance learning with a timeline that kept getting extended. I found comfort in the extra time with my children and doing things together like puzzles and making pasta from scratch. Enjoying these moments anchored me in a sea of uncertainty. I also found relief in not having to do certain things anymore, like the morning stress shuffle.
Mar 3, 2021
The 10 Best Kid-Friendly Instant Pot Dinners, According to Parents
Feeding kids can be tricky. It’s tough to find the time, and can be even tougher to figure out what your kids will actually eat. Not to mention, every kid is different — some will happily eat bowls of broccoli, while others won’t go near a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs if there’s a single “chunk” in the sauce. We asked readers on Facebook to share their favorite kid-friendly Instant Pot meals with us.
Mar 2, 2021
This Simple Trick Keeps Apple Slices from Browning (It’s Magic)
One of the biggest challenges of packing my kids’ school lunches was seeing — and cleaning up — the food that came back home. Not only was it a major bummer to see food go to waste, but it also left me wondering if my kids spent the afternoon hungry. Sliced apples — beloved by my kids at home — used to always come back in their lunch boxes uneaten.
Feb 24, 2021
10 Delicious Kids Books for Read Across America Week
As a mom of two, a book- and food-lover, finding dynamic and delicious books to read with my kids is one of my favorite tasks. It doesn’t hurt if those books also include new foods, deal with picky eating, or teach my kids about making room at the table for new friends. Along with classics like Eating the Alphabet and Pancake, Pancake, this year I’m looking for a broader palette of characters, stories, and cuisines to celebrate Read Across America Week, which kicks off March 1.
Feb 23, 2021
20 Things Families Can’t Live Without in the Kitchen
When it comes to cooking with kids, there’s the vision (little hands rolling perfect little balls of cookie dough!) and the reality (flour on the counter, on the floor, in their hair — everywhere). “There are so many reasons to get kids into the kitchen, but I do think they can develop a real pride in their self-sufficiency,” says cookbook author Jenna Helwig.
Feb 17, 2021
Ooey Gooey Indoor S’mores
Nothing screams outdoor magic the way making s’mores does. For me, s’mores evoke memories of camping and beach bonfires, where we’d stick marshmallows onto unwound wire hangers and thrust them into the flames. I’m known to burn mine until it looks like a little lump of coal, then quickly add the chocolate and graham crackers to hold the ooey gooey mess together. The hardest part is waiting patiently for it to cool, so as not to blister your mouth with the molten mallow.
Feb 16, 2021
5 Family-Friendly Sheet Pan Dinners from Andrea Mathis of Beautiful Eats & Things
When it comes to feeding her family of four, Andrea Mathis, the voice behind the sites Beautiful Eats & Things and Little Eats & Things, has a secret weapon that makes dinnertime feel totally doable on the busiest of nights: Sheet pan dinners. The registered dietitian and mom of two regularly slots them into her meal plan, because they’re quick, easy, and everyone’s excited to dig in — who doesn’t love roasted shrimp tacos?
Feb 16, 2021
The Easy Yet Luxurious Family Dinner I Make Every Year for Valentine’s Day
I used to think Valentine’s was a cheesy Hallmark holiday for saps. And then I had kids. Falling in love with my family gave me so much excitement to celebrate love in its many, nuanced, and complex forms. Where I once scoffed at Valentine’s Days cards, I’m now buying one for my husband from our new dog (truly) and planning out family Valentine’s Day activities.
Feb 11, 2021
I’m Teaching My Daughter About Her Heritage Through Our Modern Chinese New Year Celebration
Lunar New Year falls this year on Friday, February 12, and to celebrate it we are reprinting this piece from our sister site Kitchn. I (Faith) love this intimate (and pre-pandemic) story by Christine Gallary about her family’s past and present traditions and the ways in which she is making sure her daughter learns them too. My paternal grandmother was the lioness in our family.
Feb 11, 2021
How to Make a Heart-Shaped Pizza
A few years ago I ordered a heart-shaped pizza from a big pizza chain, and boy was I disappointed; I paid something like $14 for a pizza that was barely big enough to feed me and my two preschoolers at the time and was more oblong than heart-shaped. I vowed to never order a holiday pizza again and set out to find the best method for making heart-shaped pizza at home.
Feb 11, 2021
20 Parents of Preschoolers on the One Meal They Will Always Eat
Feeding a preschooler can be a wild ride. Starting at around age two, lots of kids start to get a bit um… discerning, about what they will and won’t put into their mouths. Testing boundaries and reticence to trying new things is “normal” at this age and can continue for a few years, but it’s hard to feel reassured when one day your your little one wants to eat grilled cheese at every single meal forever and ever and the next day they won’t touch the stuff.
Feb 4, 2021
10 Mega-Cute, Totally Easy Valentine’s Day Treats Anyone Can Make
Whether you’re a big-time romantic or you use February 14th as an excuse to pamper your little ones, nothing is sweeter than homemade Valentine’s Day treats. We surveyed the most classic Valentine’s treats we remembered from our own childhoods, dreamed up a few new ideas, and created this list of 10 mega-cute, totally easy Valentine’s treat recipes absolutely anyone can make.
Feb 3, 2021
My Kid Doesn’t Like Meat. Here’s How She Gets Her Protein.
In some ways, my 3-year-old is actually a pretty open-minded eater. To my surprise, she’s always loved vegetables. She’ll chow down on roasted broccoli or squash, and will pop cherry tomatoes and peas like they’re candy.One thing she doesn’t always love, though? Meat. We have a few reliable options (chicken is always the common denominator), but with almost anything else — like beef, pulled pork, or any sort of fish — she’s not interested.
Jan 19, 2021
Air Fryer Apple Pie Chips Are a Fun Treat Any Time
Let’s be honest: If you’re craving super-crispy, crunchy apple chips, baking them in the oven just isn’t going to cut it. The air fryer, on the other hand, will never fail to deliver. This recipe couldn’t be easier. You’ll start by thinly slicing an apple (any variety will work, though a red apple produces extra-pretty chips), and if you have a mandoline, use it: the thinner the slice, the crispier the chip.
Jan 19, 2021
The 30 All-Time Best Grocery Store Snacks for Kids
Across the board, 2020 has been a year when parents and children have spent more time together than pretty much ever before. Stay-at-home orders, lapses in safe childcare options, and transitions to online school have forced new routines that have taken family time to unprecedented levels (in both good and bad ways). A clear side effect: Parents having to field way more “I’m hungrys!” than usual.
Jan 19, 2021
How To Make the Absolute Easiest Banana Muffins
When your tidy bunch of bright-yellow bananas morphs into aggressively speckled and aromatic fruit, there’s only one course of action: Bake them into breakfast. You could bake a loaf of banana bread, of course, but we’re partial to these muffins, which come together quickly and are perfect for grabbing on the go. Plus, you (probably) already have everything you need to make them, and they’re sure to be a hit with the entire family.
Jan 19, 2021
6 Lessons a Mom of 6 Can Teach You About Saving Money on Food and Groceries
I’m a mom of six kids, ranging in age from 10 to 21. My college sons live at home, so that means I’m cooking for a small army every night — and shopping for enough groceries to accomplish that. Being a mom doesn’t necessarily mean you know everything, and being a mom of six doesn’t mean that I have cosmic levels of knowledge (or patience, for that matter). Rather, parenting a large family has given me plenty of opportunities to grow and learn.
Jan 19, 2021
50+ Family-Friendly Recipes to Solve the “What’s for Dinner?” Dilemma
If there’s one thing harder than deciding what to make yourself for dinner, it’s coming up with easy dinner ideas for your kids. You want to get something on the table that’s fairly quick to make and doesn’t require a lot of effort. And you also want a meal that the kids (and ideally the whole table!) will devour, while contending with food preferences that can ping-pong from week to week. And it can feel even trickier when you have a picky eater on your hands.
Jan 14, 2021
The Buttery Soft Confetti Cookie Recipe I’ve Baked 20+ Times
At our sister site, Kitchn, our editors develop and debut brand-new recipes on the site every single week. But at home, we also have our own tried-and-true dishes that we make over and over again—because quite simply? We love them. And we decided to start sharing some of our absolute favorites with you. Here’s a peek into what we’re cooking and eating in our own kitchens. Homemade cookies are a regular occurrence at my house.
Jan 14, 2021
My Kids Can’t Stop Eating Their Vegetables, Thanks to This Freezer Trick
I could write a whole ode to the humble cream cheese sandwich. Cream cheese and jelly sandwiches got me through a particularly picky time when my daughter was in a nut-free preschool. And veggie cream cheese has become one the most reliable ways for me to get vegetables into my two kiddos. In fact, so much veggie cream cheese has been coming out of my kitchen that I make it in bulk and freeze it for future use.
Dec 17, 2020
5 Ingenious, Family-Friendly Dinners from Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo
When it comes to feeding her family of four, Joanna Goddard — the voice and founder of the much-loved lifestyle site Cup of Jo — is all about keeping it simple and ultra-comforting with weeknight dinners that she, her husband, and her small boys can love. Like us, she’s a big fan of Trader Joe’s and happily takes advantage of smart store-bought shortcuts to minimize time in the kitchen, as well as maximize time with her husband and adorable boys.
Dec 17, 2020
How To Make Rolled Ice Cream at Home (No Fancy Equipment Required)
Whether you know this frozen dessert as Thai rolled ice cream, stir-fried ice cream, or even marble-top ice cream, its signature look and flavor are the same: Rolled tubes of sweet, milky, almost-chewy ice cream presented in a small cup with plenty of whipped cream and garnishes. Places that sell rolled ice cream make it on super-chilled flat tops or marble slabs specifically designed for rapidly chilling an ice cream base.
Dec 17, 2020
75+ Easy, Wholesome Food Ideas for Toddlers & Preschoolers
Toddler parents know this one thing to be true: A hungry toddler is a cranky toddler. And while we’re often in a rush to feed our littlest eaters before they melt down, we also want to make sure they are regularly trying new foods and getting balanced nutrition, too. Need fresh ideas? We got you. Some of my fellow editors (all parents!) and I brainstormed a massive list of our favorite easy and wholesome toddler food ideas — and below, you’ll find all of them.
Dec 17, 2020
Martha Stewart’s Secret for the Best-Ever Baked Potato Ever
Last year, thanks to my colleague Sheela Prakash, I fell madly in love with jacket potatoes. As Sheela explains in her ode to the British take on the classic baked potato, a longer baking time at a lower temperature makes Russet potatoes incredibly crisp on the outside and super fluffy on the inside. So when Martha Stewart shared a method for something similar using Yukon gold potatoes on her Instagram page, I knew I had to try it.
Dec 17, 2020
These Air Fryer Donuts Are Magically Easy to Make
Love donuts, hate deep-frying? Same. Luckily, there’s a way to get around that. In fact, this method is so easy, and it uses an appliance we’ve come to love (and know that many parents love too). If you aren’t currently the proud owner of an air fryer, let this be the recipe that convinces you to buy one. (Here’s a list of our favorites at a range of price points.
Dec 17, 2020
A Week of Comfort-Food Dinners from Cookie Rookie’s Becky Hardin
When there’s a toddler in the house, it makes all the difference to have a handful of dinner recipes that don’t take long to pull off. Now that your kiddo is running around, you can’t turn your back for a second! And even more importantly, you need meals that will please the newly choosy palates of little eaters without boring bigger eaters to tears.
Dec 9, 2020
The 10 Best Holiday Cookies to Bake with Kids
As a kid, there were few things more exciting this time of year than the annual tradition of baking holiday cookies with my family. From pressing my fingers into dough to make thumbprint cookies and adding the chocolate kiss to the peanut butter blossoms, to decorating sugar cookies and even pouring the chocolate chips into the bowl, there was always a way for me to get involved.
Dec 7, 2020
These Are the Very Best Fish Sticks You Can Get at the Grocery Store
When I was growing up, we didn’t eat meat on Fridays. Instead, in our household, the sad alternative was usually fish sticks. I don’t have particularly fond memories of them from back then — the standard ones we often bought were usually pretty bland and soggy — but nevertheless, we ate them for dinner and got on with it. I now can honestly say that frozen fish sticks don’t have to be sad. In fact, they have come a long way since the days of my youth.
Dec 2, 2020
The Romance Novelist Wisdom That Helped Me Relax About Food This Year
In January of this year, back when we were all children, I read a tweet from author Jennifer Lynn Barnes about the prolific romance novelist Nora Roberts. Barnes recalled, “One time, I was at a Q&A with Nora Roberts, and someone asked her how to balance writing and kids, and she said that the key to juggling is to know that some of the balls you have in the air are made of plastic and some are made of glass.
Nov 24, 2020
Super-Power Morning Smoothie
Now and then, a girl needs a little magic to get through the day and fly above it all. While moving a mile a minute isn’t my preferred way to live, it’s been a reality. At times, I move so fast that I forget to eat, and I get clumsy and frantic. That’ll knock the wind right out of a lady’s magic fairy wings. To make sure I stay on top of it all, I need a nourishing and energizing breakfast. For years, the smoothie routine was yogurt, orange juice, and frozen fruit.
Nov 24, 2020
Here’s Your Permission to Not Have a “Real” Thanksgiving Celebration This Year
Last week I asked some fellow parents how they’re feeling about the looming holiday. Henry, a coworker, said something that got our virtual heads nodding: “Right now I would appreciate other voices saying that it’s OK to not have a real ‘celebration’ this year.” Did you nod too? Are you still struggling over whether to gather with your parents?
Nov 18, 2020
“Thankfulness Is a Responsibility”: How Parents Are Celebrating a Very Different Thanksgiving
I was raised as a Muslim. There are no celebrations in the Islamic faith that do not center reverence for Allah—but for my family, Thanksgiving was an exception. On the hour-and-a-half bus ride to my aunt’s home in South Philly, my mother would remind us to make sure that what we put on our plates did not contain any “swine,” her favorite word to use describing anything pig.
Nov 18, 2020
10 Small, Easy Thanksgiving Recipes That Will Delight You and the Whole Family
Thanksgiving is almost here and, if you’re like me, you’ve probably barely started on your holiday meal planning. Those of us who are parents—especially if your kids are small, like mine—are busy enough already, and it’s been a tough season. I have found it hard to get jazzed up about cooking for a holiday that will just be my immediate family. But then today I kind of shook myself and said, Why so glum?
Nov 18, 2020
My Toddler Refused to Eat Anything Even Mildly Spicy. Then I Made Chrissy Teigen’s Miso Noodles.
I spent the spring eyeing Chrissy Teigen’s spicy miso pasta, a combination of one of my favorite dishes (carbonara) with extra umami from miso and a hit of spice. Photo after photo popped up on Instagram, my Twitter feed seemed to taunt me with its popularity and its savory, carb-y heat. The internet seemed to be obsessed in general, but also a lab designing my favorite food could only have come closer by somehow working in a little ice cream at the end.
Nov 11, 2020
Teach Your Kids How to Make Lunch at Any Age
If you count up the whole year, every day of lunches, from now until summer break, did you know that back to school means packing 180 school lunches? I’ll let you sit with that for a moment. Whether your district started back to school virtually or you’re adjusting to a new normal in person, getting your kids to help with lunch will obviously make your life a little easier. Just like any new skill, teaching your kids to prep and pack their own lunches takes time and patience.
Nov 9, 2020
Breakfast Banana Split with Yogurt and Jam
A banana split for breakfast? Oh, yes! This quick, easy breakfast takes a dessert classic and lightens it up for the morning with ultra-creamy Greek yogurt and a warm drizzle of jam. It’s also a perfect antidote to those fussy mornings when your child doesn’t want to eat anything.No, there’s no ice cream involved. (Ice cream for breakfast—that seems best saved for birthdays, eh?
Nov 4, 2020
How to Get Your Kids to Eat Salad (and Love It!)
Salads are a staple of healthy eating. Add in the fact that a good salad requires zero cooking, and I’m won over. But I am a salad-lover who is also a mom of two. And when guests come over, they are often surprised to see me making salad for my kids—and more surprised to see the kids eating it. How do I do it? The answer is actually simple: I make finger salads.
Oct 28, 2020
Here’s How to Make a Fun & Festive Halloween Snack Board
Snack boards are my never-fail, super-easy appetizer—and a clever way to serve dinner on busy nights. Take this Halloween snack board, for example: It’s perfect for a party (when we’re not in a pandemic, of course), but doubles as a quick meal before trick-or-treating (again, in non-COVID times) that will delight kids and adults alike.
Oct 28, 2020
The Top 10 Halloween Treats of All Time (and How to Make Them — The Easy Way!)
Even though it looks very different this year, Halloween is here — and secretly, I think it’s the most amazing time for food-lovers and their kids. Why? You get to play with your food! Our collective digital feeds are filled at present with cute spider sandwiches and bat-wing cookies, but this is not a modern phenomenon. For nearly a century, there has been pressure on parents to rise to the occasion of Halloween.
Oct 16, 2020
12 Fast & Easy Dinner Ideas for Hungry Toddlers & Tired Parents
At 5, my youngest has officially left the toddler years, but the struggles of feeding a toddler are not too far away from my memory. Toddlers bounce from happy and inquisitive to tired and cranky easily without the capacity to tell us that they are hungry and headed for a meltdown. All of this is to say that after a day, or a week, or even hours of extraordinary emotional highs and lows and generally wrestling a wild, stubborn 2-year-old, you are tired. And you all still need to eat.
Oct 12, 2020
These Snickerdoodles Are the Best Cookie to Make with Your Kids This Fall
I’ll be honest with you: Classic snickerdoodles are one of my least favorite cookies. I love their crunchy cinnamon-sugar coating, but I’ve always wanted something more—something to really kick them up a notch. So in an attempt to reimagine the snickerdoodle into a cookie I would actually get excited about, I added an additional layer of flavor to the mix, completely transforming them into a brand-new treat that’s bold, delicious, and unexpected. My secret ingredient?
Oct 12, 2020
The Easiest Pigs in a Blanket
Do you remember the absolute joy you’d feel when your mom would pop open a can of biscuit dough and a package of bite-sized sausages — meaning pigs and a blanket were on the horizon? Our version embraces that exuberance, but we’re upgrading the whole thing. Thanks to our smart technique, you don’t have to individually wrap 50 tiny sausages to create the perfect bite of flaky, buttery pastry and smoky sausage (but more on that later).
Oct 12, 2020
Baklava Breakfast Parfaits
Hello, and welcome to the first recipe in my new column, But First, Breakfast! I’ve been thinking about the idea for this series for a long time, probably ever since I started touring to promote my breakfast cookbook, Whole Grain Mornings, and readers told me how much they longed for really simple weekday breakfast ideas. This series is about real-world, make-ahead breakfasts that you can actually fit into your busy, everyday life.
Oct 12, 2020
How To Make Chicken Lettuce Wraps
For all the times I have ordered chicken lettuce wraps at Chinese restaurants like P.F. Chang’s, inhaled entire “appetizers” by myself, and sighed with happiness while licking sticky sauce from my fingers, it never once occurred to me to try making this dish at home. Partly, lettuce wraps have always felt like an indulgence that needed restriction to restaurant visits only.
Oct 12, 2020
Chickpea Nuggets
Getting kids to try new foods is simply an exercise in marketing. Case in point: When I made falafel for dinner one night, I called them chickpea nuggets instead of falafel and my children gobbled them right up. They asked for chickpea nuggets again and it got my mind churning with an idea for an actual chickpea nugget recipe — one with all the flavors and textures of chicken nuggets, but baked and egg-free.
Oct 12, 2020
Red Lentil Sweet Potato Soup
Packed with vitamin-rich sweet potatoes, this simple soup is a quick family meal that ensures a dose of veggies even in a relatively small portion. The natural creaminess from the potatoes provides a pleasing texture for kids and is delicious topped with everything from crumbled bacon to a dash of hot sauce for parents. The red lentils are more subtle in flavor than their brown and green counterparts, and they cook about three times as fast, so they’re ideal for weeknights.
Oct 12, 2020
How To Make the Best Macaroni and Cheese on the Stove
This is the macaroni and cheese recipe I grew up on — creamy sauce, chewy pasta, and plenty of cheese. It always felt like a special treat to us kids, although I suspect my mother liked it more because it was an easy stovetop dish that requires just five ingredients and almost no thought to pull together at the end of a long day. Whatever the reason, whatever the occasion, a bowl of this mac and cheese will always spell comfort.
Oct 12, 2020
10-Minute Black Bean Tacos
When you come home extra late after a crazy day at the office, it may seem like your only options for dinner are takeout, those questionable leftovers in the fridge, or scrambled eggs and toast. You’re starving and cranky and you need dinner fast, after all. Luckily there’s a fourth option: these 10-minute tacos. Yes, making tacos in 10 minutes is absolutely possible.
Oct 12, 2020
Zucchini Pesto Pizza Rolls
Five simple ingredients tag team on a dinner that everyone at the table will love — including mom and dad, given all of the veggies tucked inside!
Oct 12, 2020
Avocado Toast Two Ways, for Mama & Baby
Oh, avocado toast — the perfect shortcut meal for any time of day. And one of my absolute favorite ways to serve up a meal that works for the entire family, even the wee ones. Avocado toast is the perfect example, too, of the type of food I am sharing this week for DIY Mama; simple, adaptable meals that with a few adjustments are equally delicious and nutritious for mama and toddler.
Oct 12, 2020
Make-Ahead Smoothie Packs: Super Greens Smoothie
Because you know, drinking your greens always feels good.
Oct 12, 2020
Our Top 12 Kid-Friendly Grocery Finds for Fall 2020
Every one of these is kid-approved.
Oct 7, 2020
10 Easy Lunches that are Better Than Sandwiches
Whether your kids are at school or at home these brilliant lunchbox ideas will shake up your stuck-between-bread routine.
Oct 7, 2020