The Most Amazing Wallpaper We’ve Ever Seen in Kids’ Rooms

published Sep 8, 2022
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Some people say the best way to punch up a kid’s room is to paint it a new color. That’s often true (like in this kid’s room makeover!), but if you really want to take it up a notch, wallpaper is the ultimate wow factor — especially if you go all-in! From statement-making murals to animal-themed designs, there are some truly gorgeous ways to use wallpaper too make your kid’s room a magical, wonderful, playful place.

Need a little inspiration? Here are some of the best wallpapered kids’ rooms we’ve ever seen.

This moody nursery scene is oh-so-dramatic, wow.

This woodland scene one is a bit sweeter overall, but the large scale print still makes a statement!

The black and white safari-themed wallpaper is anything but neutral, especially against those bright yellow accents!

Animals are a recurring theme here. Go big or go home.

Credit: Love Taza

Take it to the ceiling – like, way up to the ceiling.

A bit more muted overall, but still lovely.

If you’re doing a fun wallpaper print, keep it going and paint the trim in a complementary or contrasting color. It will really pull the room together. The wallpaper would not have the same effect had they left the trim white.

A gorgeous, gorgeous golden wall mural. I happen to know this one is the Prospect Park Mural from The Lawns.

Love the freeform, watercolor effect of this wallpaper!

Another favorite wallpaper. This is Pierre Frey’s Les Bidules wallpaper.

Pattern play on the ceiling!

Love the soft, vintage vibe of this Ottoline wallpaper.

If you have a busy pattern, you don’t need to have much else going on in the room. The wallpaper will do all the heavy lifting!

Credit: carriemshaw

Mushrooms! Enough said.

Windswept waves make a big impression here.

What a beautiful shade of green!

Credit: Jenny Brandt

A playful vintage vibe, but works so well against kids stuff!

A refined vintage vibe. The two-tone cabinets are a nice pairing.

A classic William Morris print sets the stage for this incredible (and yes, obviously designer-made) kids room.

Blue pattern wallpapers really work so well. Love the red and white balloons as a contrast!

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