20 Really Cool Gifts for Tweens and Teens

updated Nov 4, 2022
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teen girl with pink hair listens to headphones while writing in books in a sunny home
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What to buy that picky tween or teen in your life? This can be a tough one. While their preferences may be more set in stone than those of younger kids, this crowd is also more likely to be very adamant about what they do and don’t like. Even if you have a teen living under your roof, it can be hard to get a feel for which gifts will be a hit and which will be a miss.

We set out to find 20 of the best gifts for teens this season. From trends like fidgets and Hydro Flask water bottles to unique finds like hot new board games and a nail polish maker, we found plenty of fun gift options for your tween or teen. A pro tip: if you aren’t sure what they will like and want to surprise them with something fun and unique, show this list to one of their friends to get some help on which gift to buy.

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The Fjallraven Kanken backpack is THE backpack for 2022. It comes in a wide range of colors, and many people appreciate the simple yet unique design. Whether it's for school, traveling, or everyday use, this bag gets the job done in style.

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Allbirds shoes are known for being comfortable, stylish, and sustainable. These classic everyday sneakers go with just about any outfit and have that cool factor tweens and teens crave.

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There's nothing like an immersive murder mystery game to get tweens and teens off their phones and engaged in a fun activity. Each month, they'll get a new box that introduces clues, autopsy reports, witness statements, and more. This is a great activity for them to do monthly with the whole family or with a group of friends.

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No matter where they are, tweens and teens can whip out this portable, magnetic chess and checkers board. If they want to play outside, they won't need to worry about the pieces getting blown out of place. This is another excellent gift to promote togetherness and bonding.

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Kid Made Modern

For tweens and teens who are into comic books or superhero movies, nothing gets much better than creating their own comic book. This kit comes with two blank books, ten markers, two stencil templates, five rubber stamps, three ink pads, and a storage box. The only other thing they need is their imagination.

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Uncommon Goods

Bubble tea is incredibly popular and totally Instagram-worthy. Give them the opportunity to make their own bubble tea themselves with this kit that includes two tea flavors. It also comes with stainless steel straws large enough to suck up the boba.

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Uncommon Goods

This blast from the past is even cooler when you fill it with your own photos. Buy it early so you can pre-load it with your tween or teen's favorite photos, or let them choose the photos themselves. Either way, this is such a unique way to share memories and reminisce on the past.

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Hydro Flask

Water bottles are in, and Hydro Flask is king. This bottle comes in over 10 colors, and you can even personalize it with their name or a saying, up to 27 characters. This bottle also keeps drinks super cold.

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Urban Outfitters

This simple beanie makes a bold statement while keeping their head warm at the same time. Bright, neon colors are popular with the tween and teen crowd these days; you really can't go wrong with such a simple and trendy gift.

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PB Teen

This versatile organizer can hold makeup brushes or pencils and school supplies. The simple white and gold design will match almost any room decor. Made of porcelain, this gift will stand the test of time.

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Tweens and teens can't get enough of fidgets and ASMR toys. Whether they use it to create the next viral TikTok or simply to keep themselves busy, they'll appreciate this gift.

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Ghosted is like the modern-day Clue, where players have to work to solve their own demise from the great beyond. They'll have to determine who caused their demise, why they were the target, and which weapon was used.

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Is your tween or teen always looking for that perfect nail polish color? The search is over with this kit that allows them to make their own! There are over 200 potential color options in the kit.

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Fat Brain Toys

GibGab challenges players to name items in a category before the lights on the gamepad reach their button. It's a fast-paced game that comes with over 300 different category ideas. Players can also come up with their own unique categories.

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Have they always wanted to try a Pat's Cheesteak from Philly or a deep-dish pizza from Chicago? You don't have to plan a trip across the country — get them a Goldbelly gift card instead. The website sells meal kits and fully-assembled food from famous restaurants across the country.

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An entire 3D printer might not be in your budget, but your tween or teen can make their own designs with a 3D printing pen. Any doodler or person interested in art will have a ball watching their creations come to life.

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Williams Sonoma

This fun baking kit comes with everything they need to create their own fortune cookies. The kit even comes with pre-written fortunes, or they can write their own. There are enough materials to make 40 cookies.

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was $19.99

Enough with the incessant fights over cell phone chargers. Gift them this charger that not only looks beautiful but charges their phone wirelessly. It works with recent Apple, Samsung, and Google phones.

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While some tweens and teens are a hard sell on ebooks, others have fully embraced them. This version of the Kindle is waterproof, so they can take it to the pool or read while they relax in the tub. An added bonus: you won't need to spend a fortune on books since most public libraries loan out ebooks and audiobooks.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

Have a future star on your hands? This cute ring light lets them look their best while filming tutorials, videos, or just getting set up for video calls. It features various brightness levels and color temperatures, so your teen or tween can customize their lighting and start finding their best angles right away.